Building A Relationship With Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time full of love and adventure for everyone. But putting the practical element of building a relationship with them into practice is our own personal mini adventure. We usually want to shower a dog in the ‘traditional’ shows of love, but these things work out differently in the canine world. Take a look at a few of the tips listed below to help you in training your dog with the right amount of firm and fair.

Building A Relationship With Your New Puppy
Building A Relationship With Your New Puppy

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Employing Obedience Properly

The main battle of getting a new puppy alongside the costs is teaching it the right obedience standards. Using a school including dog obedience training experts is a surefire way to get your pup to sit and stay in a matter of instances. However, we can use tips from the experts to help us in little ways, such as:

1. Getting a puppy used to being handled

This can be done through a variety of ways, even if you don’t plan on using any of the methods yourself. Dogs will be handled by many people throughout their lifetimes and as such, need to be used to all the possible signs and signals different people can give.

Teach your dog what a clicker or finger snap means, and provide positive associations with these actions.

2. Communicate in a consistent way with your puppy

Misunderstandings happen a lot between people, so it’s no surprise that between a dog and their owner they’re also common. Keep any training signals you plan on using to train your puppy constant, and don’t deviate from one method to another.

Visual cues like hand gestures are a faster way to learn to communicate with your dog, especially when they’re puppies, and leaves less room for them to get confused over the similarity of sounds.

Show Your Puppy What Love Is

Truth be told, this is the foundation of a good relationship with any puppy anywhere. If they know they have you to depend on and be safe with, they will be more energetic and willing to explore, and socialise with other dogs and people better.

Give your pup the same amount of attention you want back from them by spending as much time as possible with them! Let them know chewing on hands is not a loving behaviour by using toys constantly throughout play.

Similarly, take your puppy for plenty of walks together with you. As a safe base on a walk through the outside world, your pup will trust you a lot sooner and for good reason.

This can be a calmer activity to undertake together, and can even mean letting your pup off the leash like an older dog when steps for proper training have been undertaken, as they realise they must come back to you when called.

These are good starts for building a good and stable relationship with your puppy dog, allowing both of you to better understand each other and where you stand with each other.


Building A Relationship With Your New Puppy
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