Coming to cinemas soon is a wonderful new movie for pet lovers, the Secret Life of Pets.

When the staff at My Puppy Club saw the trailer we were all, “A-huh, yep that looks about right.”

It’s like the children’s books, Astro’s Adventures, where the main characters, dogs, live a secret life saving other dogs from neglect.

What do they get up to?

How often have you come home and found your beloved dog waiting patiently for you, probably only inches away from where you left him or her?

Then you notice their toys are spread all over the floor, your bedspread is quite ruffled and the cat has a strange, bewildered look on its face.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

One of our staff got home each night to find her bed had been moved across the floor three feet!

Hmm, what do these dogs get up to when we’re not home?

The truth is now revealed!

Well, thanks to the clever folk at Illumination Entertainment we know get a small peek into what dogs do, perhaps.

There’s no doubt the hero, a Jack Russel named Max, will remind dog lovers of a Jack Russell they know.

The other characters are just as endearing and are way too familiar.

This is one of those ‘kids’ movies that is secretly for all of us kids at heart.

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The Truth Behind the Secret Life of Pets
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