The Present

I’m not allowed in Mom’s bedroom,

This rule is very firm.

But I can sit by the cracked door

And have a peek; this is allowed.


I see Dad smiling,

Mom looks curious.

And there’s a bag

Right on the bed.


It makes loud noises

When they peek in.

Why are humans

So clueless?


You take the bag

And shake it slightly,

And everything  inside

Falls out. Ta-da! In the open, for you to make your choice.

My Puppy Club

But no, they don’t.

They peek inside and bump their heads.

They laugh. They laugh?

What’s in the bag?


“She’ll love it!” beams Mom.

“She’ll be over the moon!” adds Dad.

She? That’s my pup!

She’s called that way, a “she.”


They hid the bag under the bed,

Behind the frilly beddings.

It can’t be seen,

But it smells - and it is rather … sweet.

My Puppy Club

Now they are gone.

I’ll have a peek.

A small one.

It smells inviting.


I crawl, a slide under the bed.

It is too dark, I see… nothing.

Just one peek,

In open space.


The bag lies on the carpet.

The fluffy stuff that smells so sweet

Is all over the rug.

And someone yells.


It’s Mom.

Hand on her heaps.

I’m doomed;

For her expression spells… you are in trouble!


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The Present – A Puppy’s Tales with Patricia Furstenberg
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