Take away doggie food from a leading restaurant
Dog restaurant

Well, now we’ve all recovered from Saint Patrick’s Day it’s time to hail the Irish one more time for leading the way in doggy bags.

When we say ‘doggy bags’ we don’t mean left overs that no one wants.

These ‘doggy bags’ are specially created meals for your dog that you can order when ordering your own meals.

The idea came from a head chef of Camile’s restaurant whose dog jumped and leapt up at his takeaway dinner. The chef felt bad, as we all do, and thought that it would be a great idea if he could order something for his dog and then they could both share their takeaway meals together.

At the moment there is only one dog-friendly meal on the Thai restaurant’s menu.

It’s called Doggylicious Rice Pudding, and it is a “rice pudding and mango coulis topped with luxury Madeline biscuits.”

According to Twitter, the meal’s recipients love it –well, that’s what their owners say!

It’s a great idea.

Can you imagine dropping in to your fav place and picking something up for the whole family – dog included?

For those of us, this writer included, who go out of their way to buy chicken nuggets from a poplar fast food restaurant for their dog, this idea is pure genius.


Take away doggie food from a leading restaurant
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