Reward Vs. Scorn: Doggy Psychology 101

Reward Vs. Scorn: Doggy Psychology 101
Reward Vs. Scorn

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Dogs are very emotional creatures. Like all mammals, their brains are very complex. And, they need to have a very delicate balance of things in their life. Without the right attention, a dog will often become depressed or anxious. But, if you give them everything you can; you will be rewarded with a very happy dog. It can be had to know exactly what you need to do for your four-legged friend. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the important things to consider when you’re trying to improve your dog’s lifestyle.

Socialise your dog

In the wild, animals usually have too much to do to feel bored. They have to spend their time finding food and evading other animals. They have to find ways to stay warm or cool. And, for dogs, in particular, there’s usually a group of other animals to socialise with. If they’re not doing enough, boredom kicks in as a warning to get them to work. Unfortunately, most domestic pups won’t have a group of other dogs to be around.

Provide entertainment for your dog

Instead, they will rely on you for their entertainment. Some dogs will require at least three walks each day. And, some medium breeds may even require more. You should also be prepared to play with your furry friend whenever you can. Most dogs will be happy with all of this. They will find this sort of life much more pleasing than doing nothing. And, you will notice an improvement in their mood once you start doing these things.

Only use positive reinforcement

Most animals can’t understand negative enforcement. And, dogs are no different. For example, if your dog was to chew your favourite chews; hitting them for it when they’ve already done it will teach them nothing.

Their brains are adapted to looking back at past events and tying them to consequences in the present. Positive enforcement, on the other hand, can work wonders. Dogs are hardwired to seek approval from their pack. And, you are their pack.

Reward the behaviour you want

When they complete tasks and behave well; you should give them some natural dog treats. Of course, you should never give positive reinforcement for things that are bad, too. For example, giving your dog a treat to stop him from barking will only make them want to bark more.

Reward Vs. Scorn: Doggy Psychology 101
Doggy Psychology 101

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Give your dog lots of attention

The more attention you give your dog and the better you treat them; the more their loyalty and trust in you will grow. With this comes the added benefit of being able to train your dog. You have to treat your dog well; if you want to be able to train them to do tricks or completely useful tasks.

Likewise, you will need to build trust in your dog before they feel confident to go outside for the toilet. Earning this sort of emotion from an animal is something that a lot of people cherish. And, it shows that you’re doing a good job.

Love your dog well

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder to make sure that your dog has the best possible life. Most people don’t spend enough time with their pets. But, that’s not fair. In most cases, your pet doesn’t choose to be with you. Instead, you choose them. So, you should treat them in the best possible way.


Reward Vs. Scorn: Doggy Psychology 101
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