How To Prove You Love Your Pup
How To Prove You Love Your Pup - Image Source

The reason you bought a dog in the first place is because you are completely head over heels in love with dogs. But even then, you didn’t know how hard you would fall in love with your pooch. It has become your best friend, that loyal companion that would go above and beyond for you. They know when you are happy and they can tell when you’re sad. They are tuned into everything about you, and you them, which is why you love telling them how much they mean to you. But as much as you adore your gorgeous dog, it can sometimes be hard conveying just how much. That’s why you need to learn how to speak his or her language and express how much they mean to you in such a way that there is no doubt left in their mind whatsoever. That’s where we come in. Read on, and you will see just how to go about petting your pooch.

Don’t Just Fill Their Bowl With Food

Feed your puppy, your dog, your four-legged best friend by hand. It’s such an intimate way to show your dog that you truly care about them. Not only does it explain to them that you are the provider, it creates a strong bond from the moment you bring them home. This may become less and less required as your doggy matures, but to begin with it, oh wow, your puppy will come to realise just how much you mean to them as you stare into his or her eyes and drop a treat into their mouth. Another great tip is to change their treats around every so often. Throw in some dog dental chews that you know they will love the taste of and that you know will be beneficial to their health. What better way is there to show you care than doing all you can to keep them healthy and happy.

The Ears, Play With The Ears

It is the weak spot on all dogs. Rubbing the back of your dog’s ears has this power, they almost seem to lean into it and then slip into a place of peace, one that is close to sleep. The reason for this is simple; it is effectively a drug to them It releases something that almost gets them high due to the unbelievably high number of nerve endings that can be found behind their ears. So rubbing this area releases endorphins that raise their happiness levels, while also serve as a sort of painkiller. That’s something that can only be felt when they know they are loved, so do this as often as you can.

Dogs Detect Positivity

It’s such an easy way to show your dog that you love them unconditionally. As such, the moment you bring home your little bundle of joy, you should use positive reinforcement as much as you can. When they first pee outside, when they learn how to sit and to heel; it is a way of showing them you care and a way of building that bond between you and them. Praise them verbally, give them treats, play with them; all of these methods work to reinforce that positive message.

How To Prove You Love Your Pup
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