Managing acute anxiety in dogs with natural scents
Managing acute anxiety in dogs with natural scents

Recently we heard of a story about a dog who develop acute anxiety from the low battery warning sound emitted from a smoke / fire detector.

It seemed so odd.

The sound is just a short, sharp beep which is barely audible to human ears.

This is not the tearing, screaming racket these alarms make when there is smoke in the house; just the warning beep that the battery is low.

What did the dog do?

There was a lot more going on for the dog and he probably had a lot more issues involving loud sounds.

With the owners in bed asleep the dog’s reaction wasn’t picked up for a few hours.

The result was the dog was in an acute state of anxiety and couldn’t be calmed using the normal methods.

He ran outside and wouldn’t come back in.

When the owners finally coaxed him inside and made room on their bed, the dog was trembling all over and panting excessively.

His eyes were wide and scared, and his ears were flattened back.

There was little that could be done to calm the dog.

Managing acute anxiety in dogs with natural scents
Dogs develop fear like we do.

Things looked bad at 3 am

The owner had some lavender oil and remembered a post that appeared on this blog. The post explains how lavender oils can calm dogs.

She dabbed some on his collar and sprinkled a few drops over the bedspread.

She then sprayed the air with Flower Essence Room Spray she had purchased from a natural health store.

The Flower Essence Spray has Witch Hazel as its base and contains Bergamot, Patchouli, Frankincense and Geranium oils.

The flower essences include fringed violet, angelsword, crowea, dog rose and warratah just to name a few.

It took only 10 minutes for the dog to stop panting and relax. (The owners felt the bed stop shaking.)

Within 15 minutes the dog was asleep.

The owners were amazed that the oils had worked so well, and so are we!

Lavender oil has been used to settle distressed dogs in other areas of training.

If you have a dog that suffers from any form of anxiety try Lavender Oil or a Flower Essence Room Spray.

You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.


Managing acute anxiety in dogs with natural scents
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