Let Your Furry Companion Age Gracefully
Let Your Furry Companion Age Gracefully (Image source - MaxPixel)

Your pet won’t stay a pup forever. All dog's age although some, as you will learn, will do everything they can to fight it, even the most energetic lab eventually succumbs. Like us, dogs have to face the difficulties of old age, and as an owner, it’s up to you to help them with this. Let’s look at the ways you can help your dog age naturally and keep their good health all the way into their later years.

Know When They’re Tired

There are plenty of dogs who will run themselves ragged if you let them. This is true even if your happy tail wagger is approaching ten. If you throw the ball, some dogs will keep chasing after it, until their legs ache and they can barely catch a breath. As such, you’ll need to know when enough is enough. Just because your dog will run for hours on end doesn’t mean you should let them. You also have to realise that your pet might not be able to do everything they used to. You might, for instance, have allowed your dog to run up and downstairs when they were younger. As your pet ages, this is going to become more painful for them and put serious pressure on their hips and joints. So consider stopping them from taking the stairs two at a time. Or, if they are small enough, you can carry them yourself. The same applies for jumping on and off the bed.

Get Them On A Great Diet

You can adjust your pet’s diet as they age. As dogs grow older, it’s probably best to keep them off any human food altogether. While it’s not life-threatening to feed your pet a juicy steak, it can still be bad for their health. Don’t forget that dog food is specifically design to give your bet everything they need to keep them healthy. If they’re not getting this regularly, they can develop health issues. Have a look at facts about this on LeadChanges.net. You may want to think about speaking to your vet about the right food to feed your dog as he gets older.

Manage Pain

As you get older, you will find that you experience more pain and even muscle weakness. This is quite common for anyone over the age of sixty. The same is true for your dog, and some breeds are even more likely to develop genetic disorders like arthritis in old age. The good news is that there is no technology that can help alleviate the pain your pet is feeling. If you have a look at a site such as PulseVet.com you can see the type of tech we’re talking about. It will ensure that your lovable friend isn’t in constant pain as they reach the later years of their life.

Age With Them

You can change your lifestyle to suit your dog. As you notice them getting tired more often, cut down the length of the walks. Instead, lie down on the floor, or on the sofa and stroke your pet showing them all the love and affection you can give. It can be sad when your dog stops acting like a lovable overgrown pup, but it’s also just a fact of life you need to be prepared for.

Let Your Furry Companion Age Gracefully
Let Your Furry Companion Age Gracefully (Image Source - Flickr)



Let Your Furry Companion Age Gracefully
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