Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets
Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets

Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets

For people living rough on the street having a pet dog or a cat can make their lives more bearable.

Spending many hours alone, cold and lost just having the company of an animal provides homeless people with love and companionship.

However, it is almost impossible for them to provide veterinary care for their beloved pet.

We all know about Bob the Cat and what a difference he has made to his owner, James Bowen.

Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets
James Bowen and Bob the Cat (Source)

One Vet Makes a Difference

In July 2009 an Australian vet decided to provide help to homeless people in his Sydney neighborhood.

Dr. Mark Westman took a small table and a cooler filled with vaccinations, and set up a free veterinary checks for clients attending an outreach program run by Stepping Stone Community Ministry.

This soon became Pets in the Park after Mark was joined by his future wife, Vicki Cawsey in 2012.

What do Pets in the Park do?

Pets in the Park provides veterinary support for homeless people who have animal companions.

Their aim is to build relationships with them, and to also improve the well-being of homeless people.

We all know what a significant role pets have in our lives.

They provide unconditional love, companionship, emotional support and security for us all, including those who don’t have a permanent home.

But, the cost of providing medical care to our pets is increasing more and more in cost.

Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets
Having a pet can make a substantial difference to a homeless person's wellbeing

A Generous Service Provided to the Needy

Today Pets in the Park is run by volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses.

It provides emotional and educational support to homeless people, and practical help to their pets in a social and friendly environment.

If you would like to support the great work Pets in the Park do visit their website and give to this wonderful charity.


Helping the Homeless Look After Their Pets
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