Ginger the dog steals hearts at America’s Got Talent 2016 auditions

We’ve all seen performing dogs. Dogs that can jump through hoops of fire; balance on balls and even dance.

If you’ve ever attempted to train your dog to do any kind of trick you’ll appreciate the effort that goes into this type of trick training.

Talent shows each year draw one or two performing dogs.

They’re all good and lots of fun.

However, when we saw this clip we were really moved.

Not just any performing dog

Patrick and Ginger, the Border collie, perform for the judges just like all the other performers.

What really touched our hearts here at My Puppy Club was the difference Ginger has made to Patrick’s life.

He suffered from an obsessive disorder which made it impossible to keep a job or even friends.

He says, “People can’t be patience enough with me.”

At such a young age it looked like his life was ruined and he was begging on the street.

However, when he met Ginger things changed for the better.

Now, we’re not sure how or where Patrick learnt to train Ginger. We can tell he’s obviously been trained and is very skilled himself.

However, the bond between the two of them is real and so touching.

Ginger takes loyalty to a new level

Ginger doesn’t care that Patrick has a disorder. She doesn’t care that he’s not rich or famous.

She does what millions of dogs do across the globe – she loves him and she has faith in him.

Our hats go off to Patrick and Ginger.

We wish them all the success on the show, but more importantly in life together.

Dogs change lives, and you can’t argue with that.





Ginger the dog steals hearts at America’s Got Talent 2016 auditions
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