Dog trainers are a bit like teachers when it comes to buying presents.

There are a few who will be buy silly things that sparkle or dress their dogs in Christmas costumes, but most dog trainers go for the practical, no-nonsense type of gift.


The old dog training adage applies here – “He/She who dies with the most leashes wins!”

Leashes and collars are not seen as fashion accessories, more so equipment.

Equipment that is used to control and train a dog.

Many dog trainers have a leash for every occasion, but not in a fashion sense.

They have long ones for distance training; short ones for walking practice, and waterproof ones for days at the beach.

Leashes that are comfortable to hold and durable are certainly favourite.


Again, dog trainers go for practical over bling.

Collars that have plastic clips that snap are great for small dogs, but can break if put under strain by a larger dog.

So, buckles make a safer and certainly stronger alternative.

Dog coats

Again, dog coats must be practical, durable and weather proof.

No dog trainer would allow their dog to ever be seen with flashing Christmas lights or a knitted Rudolf dog coat!

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So, be like a dog trainer and purchase practical gifts for your pooch this year and you’ll have gifts that will last the year through and look great.


What gifts do dog trainers recommend for dogs this holiday season?
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