The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare
The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare

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The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare

If you are planning on dropping your dog off with a friend, relative or daycare to be looked after while you are otherwise engaged, you need to ensure that you have all of the essentials planned. It doesn’t take much to gather everything that you need, but a little thought behind what you’re going to be packing could mean the difference between peace of mind and worrying all day. Especially if they are going to somebody who doesn’t have anything dog-related in their home, there needs to be a little bit of a stockpile made up to cater for the deficit.

The Essentials For Your Doggy DaycareThe Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare
The Essentials For Doggy Daycare

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Toys for Your Dog

There are so many dog toys on the market that it can be hard to know where to start, even more so when they’re going to be played with at somebody else’s house. The general rule of thumb is that you take up to ten different toys to be played with.

Dogs can tire quite easily of the same toys again and again, although they have been known to have their favourites. Balls are always a good option, as are Frisbees and hard plastic sticks - great for playing fetch with while out on a walk or in the garden.

Comforting toys such as teddies are brilliant for settling them down with. Brain teasers which offer rewards like Kongs are also fantastic for giving your dog something else to focus on.

Dog Bedding

If you know that your dog will be outside the majority of the time when they’re being looked after (which is quite common if the place they’re going to isn’t fully adapted to having dogs around them - you can tell the ones as they still leave their food on the side whilst preparing dinner!), make sure that they have a good place to go.

There is a good variety of houses available, and the best dog houses reviews available online should be able to help you determine which one you are going to go for. If you’re going to be using it both at home and elsewhere, either a snap-design or a crate may be the best option for you to go for.

The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare
The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare

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Food for Your Dog

Even if your dog has a strict diet that must be stuck to, always give the person who’s caring for your pet more than enough food to cover them for the amount of time that they’re there for. Don’t forget to add in any treats that you know may work as bribery for following commands. This is also essential if you are currently training your dog.

Booklet about Your Dog

Don’t forget to give them a booklet containing everything that there is to know about your dog. What their likes and dislikes are, when they usually have a nap, where they like to walk, whether they’re a confident swimmer or not -anything and everything that you would usually pop into a folder to hand over to a nursery for a child, you need to do for your dog. Pop down the number to their vet and their insurance details just in case.


The Essentials For Your Doggy Daycare
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