In the Dog's House: Make Your Home Canine-Friendly

In the Dog's House: Make Your Home Canine-Friendly
In the Dog's House: Make Your Home Canine-Friendly

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Whether you are just about to bring home a dog for the first time or you have owned one for a while, you are probably well aware that they take over a big part of your life. Though the people who are already dog owners are probably more aware of this fact! Since you are living under the same roof, it makes sense that you should make your home canine friendly - both from yours and their point of view. With this in mind, let’s go through some of the best ways that you can do this.

Think About the Flooring

Dogs tend to have a habit of scampering through homes, so hardwood floors tend to be better, and you also don’t have to keep vacuuming up all the dog hair that gets all over them. Hard floors also provide a good spot for your dog to nap during the warmer weather. If you are worried about scratches on the floor, it is a good idea to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. If you can hear them every time they walk across, they are probably too long!

Create a Dog-Friendly Area

You could choose a section of the room that your dog has all to themselves, and use it as an area to keep their bed, toys, mat etc. You could also get them some dog kennel furniture so that they really have their own space and feel at home. Just like humans, dogs really appreciate having their own area where they can relax after a long, hard day!

Keep Valuables in Safe Places

You certainly want to avoid anything that is special to you getting damaged, so you should make sure that all your valuables are kept well away from dogs. Not only will this lead to you getting upset, it could also lead to you scolding your dog which in turn will upset them. So, make sure you don’t leave any expensive shoes lying around, but instead keep them inside storage units where they can’t be easily accessed by your pooch.

Watch Out for Household Toxins and Electrical Cables

Your house may contain some chemicals or other items that are harmful to dogs, so make sure that you keep all of these well out of their reach. Remember that some houseplants can also be harmful to dogs, so double check that nothing that you have in your home has the potential to make them unwell. Also, we tend to have so many items that require cables these days that you should consider investing in a cable protector. Otherwise, you could tape them up to your baseboard to avoid these getting chewed.

Avoid White

Lighter colours, particularly on your furniture items are to be avoided as much as possible as they will inevitably get ruined very easily. Also, anything delicate is likely to become damaged unless you are careful. Leather might be a good option as it doesn’t absorb odors and it can also be wiped clean.


In the Dog’s House: Make Your Home Canine-Friendly
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