No matter where we travel, we’d love to take our pets with us. Dogs can be fairly large and energetic animals, so it’s sometimes quite a hassle to get them abroad with us or to get them to cooperate in our cars. Bringing your dog to your next vacation can add to the fun and memories, and you won’t have to worry about your dog getting lonely with whoever’s taking care of them. 

If you plan to travel, then you can also plan ahead on how to take your dog with you. No matter what method of transport you plan to take, there’s probably a method to bring your dog along with you. Here are some travel tips to help you bring your dog along with you no matter where you go.

Doggy Adventures: Tips on How to Travel With Your Dog


Crating For Travel

Don’t worry, it’s natural to feel bad about keeping your dog in a crate while you travel. It’s normal to project some of your own feelings on your dog, but keep in mind that your dog feels differently about the crate and you’ll find that some dogs actually feel safer when crated and travelling. You can check out this Best Dog Crate Guide for more help on picking the right crate for your dog. 

Make sure that prior to putting your dog in a crate that they have been working out a bit and they’ve gone for a toilet break. If your dog spends all of their excess energy, then they won’t be restless inside the crate and they’ll be more inclined to sleep during the journey. Make sure that you keep checking on your dog if possible, and make sure there’s nothing harmful that could injure or distract the dog inside of the crate. You can leave some dog toys with them, but no food or water. 

Taking Your Dog in the Car

It’s safer to crate your dog while it’s in the car. If you have passengers in the back and your dog is small, then you can ask someone to take care of the dog while it’s in the back to free up space for more passengers. You typically shouldn’t keep your dog in the boot because it can get hot and cramped. 

If you do decide to let your dog roam around in the car, then make sure you break softly so that your dog doesn’t fly off the seat when you stop. Don’t feed your dog before a drive either because they are prone to being car sick. If your dog is hungry, then take a break at some point in the journey and feed them a light snack and give them a walk to go toilet. Your dog will be less energetic and more likely to rest if you give them breaks to use some of their stored energy.

When you need to get out of the car, make sure to take your dog with you no matter how quick you’ll be. You never want to leave your dog alone in a car because they can get lonely and frightened, and it can get extremely hot especially during hot summer months.  


Doggy Adventures: Tips on How to Travel With Your Dog
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