Dog Health Explored

A dog’s happiness can be linked to a dog’s health in certain situations. However, sometimes you won’t even know the dog is unhealthy because it acts just as it did before. These are the most dangerous issues to avoid. Granted, they may display certain behaviour, but nothing out of the ordinary or dangerous. There are certain tips to adhere to when caring for your dog. These tips can help in that regard. You may have already considered some of these and that is great, but try the other ones and see if they can help your dog.

Is your dog scratching?

One of the issues you may see is in fleas or ticks. Your dog will scratch more and seem to be restless, but if you have an active dog anyway you won’t even notice it. They key is to watch for relentless scratching. The issue is healed with ease, you just need medication like Advecta 3 for dogs. The issue is catching it early enough before the ticks spread illness. It isn’t too hard to do, just be alert. It can be good to intermittently give this medication anyway to ensure they are free of fleas, especially after interacting with other dogs.

Dog Health Explored
Dog Health Explored


What is your dog eating?

You should also pay attention to what kinds of food your dog eats. What you may consider treats could be quite damaging. However, if they taste good your dog will simply wolf them down leaving you none the wiser. Chocolate is a big no, and you need to watch your children because they will likely feed your dog it thinking they are being nice and sharing treats. It can be really bad for their stomachs and cause them to vomit. The same applies for coffee, citrus nuts and raisins. You can find a full list of bad foods here. Their digestive system isn’t as good as a human's so be careful and thoughtful.

Canine vaccinations

One of the key things you need to do for your dog is get them vaccinated. This ensures they are able to keep clear of any impending issues that can be potentially deadly to dogs like rabies. In fact it is a legal requirement, so be sure to get it done or you could get in trouble. You also need to protect them from lyme disease. If your dog is living on a farm or around other animals you need to get them vaccinated for more as they will be susceptible to more issues.

Protect your dog against heartworm

You also need to ensure your dog is protected from heartworm. This is a potentially deadly disease that can be avoided by yearly checkups with a vet. A monthly tablet or shot can keep the disease at bay, it is especially prevalent in countries that have a large amount of mosquitos as they carry the disease. Your vet will check for this but to be sure you could do with implementing the above medication. It isn’t too hard to care for your dog, it just takes some diligence and common sense. Be alert, and don’t skip out on vaccinations that could save its life.


Dog Health Explored
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