Dogs are very emotional beings. You can likely tell if you own or have owned one. They live with their heart on their sleeve and it is obvious whether they are happy or sad, angry or elated. There are ways you can ensure their mood stays a good one.

How do you keep your dog happy?

No one likes a sad dog, and an angry dog is ultimately dangerous, prone to nipping and biting, causing danger to the owner and others in proximity, especially children. How do you keep dogs happy? The answer may seem obvious but it is infinitely more complicated. Their health comes into question on times too, which may put their mood way beyond your control. However for the most part you will be able to do something about it.

A lonely do can be a bad dog

A dog can often get lonely. They are like humans in that regard but it happens much quicker. They are pack animals, so if they lived in the wild they would live in groups. The need company and companionship. If you need to go to work in the day, as everyone else does, you may soon find your dog in moods of sadness and anger. There are ways around this. Arrange, for one or two days a week, for the dog to go to a pet care centre, such as Fon Jon Pet Care.

This will cure their lonely blues and you won’t feel so guilty. It’ll keep them occupied when otherwise they would be pining. Seeing other dogs can be a great stress relief too. You need to ensure they are neutered though.

Dog Happiness Explored
Dog Happiness Explored


Exercising your dog will make it happy

They may also exhibit certain aggressive tendencies when they aren’t exercised enough. If you had a dog, then got another dog, they may need different exercise regimens. Bigger dogs usually need to be walked twice a day, while smaller ones are sometimes okay with just the one a day.

They need the right amounts of exercise to keep them happy. Check up your dog's needs here and ensure they get it. Otherwise you may start to see behavioural issues. If you really struggle for time you can hire a dog walker for better results. They will also meet other dogs on their walk, meaning their social needs can also be fulfilled.

Does your dog need the vet?

They could be ill too. If you start to see whining, wailing and the like you may have an ill dog on your hands. If this is the case you need to take lengths to ensure they are well and get better. It could be something small like a flu or cold, yet it could be something more serious. Take them to the vets and get a professional opinion on their condition.

With some medication they could soon start behaving like their usual selves. It can be expensive, granted. Yet the longer you leave it the worst the infection can become and the more medication you need.

Most issues are easy to remedy. There are some psychotic ones that are harder to get around but most are easy. Issues come with dogs from shelters as some have suffered traumatic experiences. With patience and perseverance most can be made better.

Dog Happiness Explored
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