We’ve searched every corner of the web to find out which dog breeds are the most independent and are highly aloof. These are the top 5 answers we’ve got.

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds

Most dog breeds opted as household pets can quickly adapt to their environment, as long as their owners provide them with the time and love they need. However, there are those times when we find a dog breed that does not have lots of energy, cuter than others. Although that’s really rare, it could be an advantage for your part because you won’t be greeted by a hyperactive pooch whenever you arrive home tired from a long day at work. Still, it’s up to you.

But of course, if you’re a couch potato or you just don’t feel like bringing in an active dog, consider getting an aloof or independent dog breed. Here are 5 choices for you.

1. English Bulldog

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club
The British Bulldog [Source: Wikimedia]
The English Bulldogs may appear like they’re fierce and strong, but deep inside, they’re just like babies who want to stay on the couch all day. This dog breed easily gets tired, so they’d prefer to stay inside. Then again, they do a pretty good job of scaring away thieves and burglars.

2. Chow Chow

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club
Chow Chow [Source: Wikimedia]
Known for its odd-coloured tongue, the Chow Chow prefers to spend more time in the bed than you. These canines are sensitive to heat, so they’d rather sleep in the cold indoors than to run around and play. With their massive size and furry nature, they’d make the best cuddle buddy for you!

3. Pug

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club
The Pug [Source: Wikimedia]
The Pug may be very playful, but it doesn’t always need all those running activities to enjoy and have fun. Like the Chow Chow, this pooch is sensitive to heat, making it at risk to breathing issues. Beware though. Pugs are prone to obesity and getting them to lose weight is definitely the hardest problem you would have to fix. Thus, be sure you know their nutrition basics.

4. Bull Mastiff

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club
Bull Mastiff [Source: Wikimedia]
In contrast to popular belief, this gigantic dog breed is extremely laid-back. That means it is calm, quiet, and lazy. Also, it doesn’t enjoy too much play. If given a place to nap, such as a sturdy and comfortable dog kennel, these dogs would really be happy. Nonetheless, they are still considered among the best guard dogs.

5. Shih Tzu

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club
Shih Tzu [Source: Wikimedia]
With proper training, Shih Tzus make the perfect household pet. Then again, they do not enjoy the outdoors. They’d rather follow you wherever you do, may it be in the kitchen or in your room. However, because their hair could grow really long, you might need to brush them daily. Yes, it takes effort to make them appear neat and cute.

But hey, just because they are aloof and may act independently does not mean they don’t need your time and attention. At the end of the day, they’re those cute and adorable pooches that enjoy cuddling with you, even that’d be a few minutes of your day.

5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds | My Puppy Club


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5 Highly Aloof and Independent Dog Breeds
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